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The Philosophy

Sean McManus

Threshold Athletics

I spent over 20 years in NCAA Division I athletics as a student-athlete and coach. Like so many others, that environment provided opportunities and experiences that would not otherwise have been possible. But we are entering an important period for collegiate sports.

Those following college sports know of the seismic changes taking place within the NCAA. Garnering the most attention are the new "Name-Image-Likeness" rules that now allow student-athletes to market themselves and their skills for compensation. These changes open the door to tremendous opportunities for current student-athletes, but also bring a level of uncertainty about how the NCAA and college sports will adapt in terms of governance, funding, sponsorship and affiliation.

Following a year in which over 100 NCAA Division I programs were eliminated, I am concerned for the future of college sports, particularly Olympic and "non-revenue" sports, in this rapidly changing landscape. But what can be done? The good news is about 30% of the programs eliminated last year were reinstated, largely due to outrage and support from fans and alumni. Threshold Athletics aims to provide a public platform for current student-athletes to share their stories, personalities, professional skills, and wares with fans and alumni. 

My hope is that creating a proactive mechanism for fans and alumni to support their favorite athletes and teams will benefit current student-athletes AND publicly demonstrate to administrators how valuable these programs are to their stakeholders.

Thanks for checking out the site. 

Sean McManus
Founder, Threshold Athletics