1. Q: What services are offered in the Threshold Athletics Recruiting Services program?
    A: Our recruiting services page has a complete list of services. Clients can expect expert guidance and advisement in the areas of NCAA rules; compliance and eligibility; financial aid and scholarships; program matching; contacting coaches; and admissions.

  2. Q: Are athletes in sports besides Cross Country and Track able to register for Threshold Athletics Recruiting Services?A: At this time, we are only enrolling prospective student-athletes in the sports of cross country and track and field. Our staff has expertise specifically in these areas and is able to provide focused guidance. We may include other sports in the future.

  3. Q: What services are NOT offered in the Threshold Athletics Recruiting Services program?
    A: Our team is committed to assisting our clients in whatever way possible. We will not provide services that violate ethical practices or breach any NCAA rule or state/federal law.

  4. Q: Are there different enrollment options?
    A: Threshold Athletics Recruiting Services believes all prospective student-athletes deserve equitable access to our services. Thus, our programs are not differentiated by the quality or type of services offered, but only by length of enrollment. Some topics, such as those on college application, official visits and admissions, are only applicable to prospective student-athletes in the 12th grade.

  5. Q: What outcome should I expect?
    A: In the world of college admissions, and college athletics recruitment in particular, there are no guarantees. We cannot guarantee any specific outcome with regards to admission to a specific school or ability to obtain a scholarship. We aim to provide practical advice throughout the process to produce a positive outcome for the prospective student-athlete.

  6. Q: What is the background of the Threshold Athletics Recruiting Services team members?
    A: Our team members have diverse backgrounds in college coaching, recruiting and admissions; high school and university teaching experience; high school, college and professional athletics.

  7. Q: When should I enroll in a program?
    A: Prospective student-athletes can enroll in a program at any time. The earlier a prospect enrolls in our program, the easier it is to chart their course. Rising seniors would benefit from enrolling prior to the start of classes their senior year.

  8. Q: What is a typical timeline for a client?
    A: Within 5 business days of enrollment, you will receive an email to schedule your initial personal interview with the Director of Threshold Athletics Recruiting Services. You will be contacted 5-10 business days after your initial personal interview to schedule a follow-up interview and review your customized PSA Portfolio and Task List. After receipt of your portfolio, timing will vary based on suggested actions, prospective student-athlete age, time of year and other variables.Clients can contact our team at any point for assistance.

  9. Q: Does my state of residence matter?
    A: The Threshold Athletics team has successfully assisted prospective student-athletes from all over the United States. Geography will determine if personal interviews are conducted in person or via phone/video, but residents of any state are eligible for our services.

  10. Q: What is the cost for Threshold Athletics Recruiting Services?
    A: Our fee structure is available on our fee structure page

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