Why should I support Olympic-sport athletes through Threshold Athletics?

In the short term, student-athletes are able to share their personal stories and donors can directly support projects that interest them, without worry their gifts will be applied in other ways. However, the MOST IMPORTANT benefit to supporting Olympic-sport athletes is to create a visibly engaged fan and alumni base. The NCAA model is changing rapidly and the future of "non-revenue" sports is uncertain. If fans and alumni can proactively show support for their favorite programs, that is a huge layer of insulations against future program reductions

What do donations go towards?

Each individual and team campaign should outline details for how donations will be used to support athletic, academic, professional and/or community success.

Why are there team and individual campaigns?

Some donors or fans may identify a specific student-athlete they wish to support. Others may simply wish to support their favorite program. Both options are available. Support pledged to a team will be shared equally by all members of the program that are active on our site.

How are payments processed?

All financial transactions are processed securely by Stripe, a leading online payment processing software.

Are donations tax deductible?

Donations are not tax deductible.

Does supporting athletes affect their eligibility?

The rules regarding amateurism are changing rapidly within the NCAA. Student-athletes are now able to market themselves and use their names, images, and likenesses. They can receive financial support for marketing, commercials, selling items, etc. They are not allowed to receive any form of payment for performances. Student-athletes should clear all matters through their department's compliance office.

What is the difference between rewards and the marketplace?

Some campaigns may offer rewards. Rewards are gifts that are sent to donors pledging a pre-determined amount. The marketplace is a place where items are available for purchase to support an athlete.

What is the Threshold Athletics Power Index?

In the spirit of competition, we have created an algorithm that factors an athlete's athletic profile, fan support, and site engagement to create a power ranking. We thought it would be fun and unique to rank each athlete. Eventually, we may do something similar for teams and fan bases.

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