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Sean McManus

Owner and Director,
Threshold Athletics

      Threshold Athletics launched a decade ago to provide high school cross country and track student-athletes and their families the knowledge, information, services and guidance necessary to navigate the increasingly complicated world of scholastic sports and collegiate athletics recruiting.

The term “threshold” seemed to fit perfectly. As a former NCAA and professional track and field coach, it referred to the type of training often associated with the long-distance runners I coached. But more commonly, the term threshold means “a new beginning” or “entering new territory”; precisely how I would describe the experience of a high school prospective student-athlete striving to reach their fullest athletic potential and embarking on the collegiate student-athlete journey.

     As a former college coach and recruiting coordinator, I was bothered by the number of kids and parents paying large sums of money for inferior personal coaching and recruiting services that amounted to little more than hosting basic information or sending mass emails. In these traditional recruiting services, a university coach receives an email or an invitation to view a prospective athletes profile, but the coach knows hundreds of other schools are receiving the same invitation. There is no personal connection with that recruit. As a result, most of these emails are deleted. This was the impetus for Threshold Athletics. We aim to offer Personal Coaching and Recruiting Services that empower and develop student-athletes!

     Our personal coaching services are designed to fit the needs of the each individual student-athlete. Unlike most personal coaches or clubs, we are not looking to capitalize on student-athlete performance for our benefit. Rather, we aim to facilitate student-athlete success within the scholastic season. Whether that takes the form of in-season coaching, off-season coaching, consultation, or some combination is determined by the student-athlete and their individual situation.      

     Our recruiting services are also designed to put the student-athlete first. The college search process and athletics recruiting are daunting. Complicated rules, unfamiliar processes, deadlines, tests, making contact and solidifying finances can be overwhelming. However, we believe by properly guiding and supporting prospective student athletes and parents through the college search and recruitment process, Threshold Athletics Recruiting Services can alleviate stress and frustration and assist the student-athlete in finding the best fit to pursue his or her goals of combining studies and athletics.

     Though the college search process for prospective student-athletes can be complicated, our philosophy is based on five simple tenets:

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Be Client-centered:

Be Equitable: 

Be Individualized:

Be Pragmatic:

Be Accessible:

our goal is to facilitate the college search process for our clients in the way that works best for THEM. Threshold Athletics Recruiting Services provides detailed steps prospective student-athletes should follow and places no limitation on the number of contacts or questions initiated by our prospective student-athletes or parents.     

all student-athletes/parents that utilize Threshold Athletics Recruiting Services receive the full attention and services of our team. We do not reserve additional services for higher profile prospective student-athletes or for extra fees. All clients receive our full services.

our staff and consultants have tremendous knowledge and experiences to draw upon, but each prospective student-athlete comes with unique circumstances, questions and objectives that guide their individual search process. Our initial personal interview and on-going dialog allow us to tailor each client’s program individually. 

perhaps the most important element of our philosophy, our team is committed to providing each prospective student-athlete practical, honest and sensible guidance. Our team evaluates each prospective student-athlete profile logically and realistically and provides guidance based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

we want sound college search and athletics recruitment counseling and advisement to be accessible to as many prospective student-athletes as possible. We do not place restrictions on clients based on geography, grade, academic profile or athletic ability.