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NCAA regulations regarding Name-Image-Likeness and athletes' rights are rapidly evolving, and Olympic and "non-revenue" sports face an uncertain future within this changing landscape.

Threshold Athletics is designed as a platform for student-athletes that are not household names to share their incredible stories, personalities, accomplishments, skills and projects.


Fans, alumni and backers can support student-athletes' pursuits with donations, sponsorships, or purchasing goods and services offered by their favorite student-athletes and programs. 


Create opportunities

Take advantage of new NCAA rules regarding NIL in order to:

  • Share your story and personality

  • Market your skills

  • Connect with fans

  • Network with alumni

  • Receive financial support

Receive Donations
Sell on the Marketplace
Easily Update supporters
Personal Message Board
Accept Paid Projects
Promote your program


Make a difference

  • Help students achieve academically and athletically

  • Provide visible support for vulnerable programs

  • Enhance a program's reputation for recruiting

  • Identify future leaders for your industry

  • Secure student-athletes' professional services

  • Purchase unique items and memorabilia


Support your favorite  student-athlete or team campaign with a simple donation. 


Propose personal messages, private lessons, interviews, employment and more.


Partner with a student-athlete for endorsement, marketing, or corporate sponsorship.


Browse the marketplace for memorabilia and unique items directly from student-athletes.


Protect Your programs

Olympic and "non-revenue" sports were under fire during the pandemic. Upcoming changes to NCAA rules, governance structure and conference affiliations are likely to threaten hundreds of programs in all sports.


Threshold Athletics hopes to:

  • Promote student-athletes and programs

  • Engage fans and alumni

  • Proactively demonstrate program support

  • Elevate programs' perceived value to administrators

  • Raise awareness of concerning trends

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